Is Your Computer Slow And Low On Space? Hire A Computer Repair Professional


When you build your own computer, you may learn enough about each part to understand what may be wrong when you begin to experience problems. But, you may have bought a prebuilt computer and are noticing that the system is running slow and you are running out of space. Although you could buy a new computer to fix these problems, you may feel more than comfortable with the performance of the system aside from these specific issues.

16 August 2018

Want Your Child To Pick Up A New Hobby? Why The Should Learn To Play Chess


If you're trying to find a good hobby for your child to get involved in, it's time to introduce them to the game of chess. Chess isn't your ordinary board game. It's a game that requires thought and concentration. While your child is playing chess, they'll also be learning valuable lessons that they'll carry with them throughout their life. Here are just four of the reasons why your child should learn to play chess.

8 May 2018

Figuring Out If You Need A Level-1 Merchant PCI Assessment


If your business has never gotten a PCI assessment, it is important to fully understand what they are and what they require. Essentially, they are an audit that makes sure you follow the protocols set down by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These protocols are designed to ensure that the personal information of cardholders and buyers is protected. A level-1 merchant assessment is a process that only higher-quality merchants need to perform.

6 March 2018