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Do you know what your computer can and cannot do? Did you know that a lot of the computers sold today aren't capable of playing a lot of the most popular games as they should be played? There are several key elements that you must look for in a new computer if you plan to use it for gaming purposes. My blog will provide you with a list of things that you would do best to look for when considering a gaming computer purchase. You will also learn about the upgrades that you can do after the purchase to build a computer of your dreams.

Figuring Out If You Need A Level-1 Merchant PCI Assessment


If your business has never gotten a PCI assessment, it is important to fully understand what they are and what they require. Essentially, they are an audit that makes sure you follow the protocols set down by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These protocols are designed to ensure that the personal information of cardholders and buyers is protected.

A level-1 merchant assessment is a process that only higher-quality merchants need to perform. It is necessary because of a high-volume of traffic and is a more complex process that must be performed by a specialist. Not every type of business needs this level of a PCI assessment, so make sure that you qualify before assuming you do.

A Self-Assessment Can Be Useful Here

Doing a self-assessment of your payment system can help you decide whether or not you need to talk to a professional about getting assessed. For example, you need to find out if your cardholder data functions are outsourced or if you handle them yourselves. You also need to ask how you accept your cards and what ways they vary your payment cycles.

For example, there are many e-commerce channels that utilize B merchants, B-IP Merchants, and other techniques for processing and protecting payments. There is a strong chance that you may not require a full level-1 assessment at this point. However, you may still qualify if you meet a few thresholds for card usage.

Qualifying As A Level-1 Merchant

There are a few ways that an online merchant can qualify as a level-1 merchant. The most obvious is if they process over six million Visa transactions in a single year. At this point, it is important to get an assessment done by a QSA who can verify that you meet these requirements. They will then test your security system to ensure that it protects your customers.

This type of assessment usually takes a variety of variables into account, including the bank that you utilize and the types of cards you accept. All five major credit card companies require this kind of assessment, though, meaning that you typically can't ignore one if you plan on becoming a major player in the online marketing world.

So don't hesitate to talk to an expert on PCI assessments today to learn more about whether or not you qualify as a level-1 merchant. In this way, you can make sure that your customers are fully protected and that you meet the legal demands required of you. To learn more, contact a company like The Cyber Watch


6 March 2018