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Want Your Child To Pick Up A New Hobby? Why The Should Learn To Play Chess


If you're trying to find a good hobby for your child to get involved in, it's time to introduce them to the game of chess. Chess isn't your ordinary board game. It's a game that requires thought and concentration. While your child is playing chess, they'll also be learning valuable lessons that they'll carry with them throughout their life. Here are just four of the reasons why your child should learn to play chess.

It Teaches Critical Thinking Skills

If you're thinking about getting your child involved in the game of chess, you should know that it will do more than provide entertainment. The game of chess will also teach your child valuable critical thinking skills. Your child won't be able to simply move the pieces around the board. They'll need to think about each move, and how that move will affect the rest of the game. They'll learn how to always be one step ahead with their thinking, which will also help them develop problem-solving skills.

It Teaches Patience

When it comes to playing chess, your child will learn that not all moves are going to go quickly. In fact, most moves will take quite a bit of time to complete. Playing the game of chess requires patience, which your child will learn as they continue to play. Not only will your child learn to be patient with others, they'll also learn to be patient with themselves. They'll learn that as they give themselves the time they need to plan and implement each individual move. They'll also learn patience through the games that continue on for several days.

It Teaches Concentration

If you're trying to strengthen your child's ability to concentrate, there's no better activity for that then the game of chess. While your child is playing chess, they will need to concentrate on the game, the pieces, and the moves that are being made. One moment of lost focus could result in a loss. Your child will learn to concentrate on the task at hand, which will help them throughout their life.

It Teaches Peer Interaction

If your child has a difficult time with social interaction, chess is the game for them. Chess requires players to interact with each other through verbal and non-verbal communication. Not only that, but it's one-on-one interaction, which is a beneficial social skill for children to learn. An added benefit of chess is that once your child learns to play chess, they'll be able to enjoy the game with people of all ages. This ability will allow them to expand their social circle.

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8 May 2018