Slow App Performance? It Might Not Be Your Computer


Apple's Mac line of desktop and laptop computers are known for taking a lot of the technical expertise requirements out of computers, but they're hardly perfect. There are some issues that can't be ironed out by quality control (QC) alone, and if you're into exploring the vast world of apps, you need to know that you're entering a largely indie (independent creator) world. To understand the problems that come from exploring all that the iTunes app store and other third-party programs available for Mac systems, as well as ways to conquer the issues, here's a few app management and troubleshooting points.

15 June 2017

5 Tips For Improving Accuracy When Using Dragon Naturally Speaking Software


Dragon Naturally Speaking is a type of voice recognition software that can replace typing and help you improve your productivity when using a computer. While Dragon Naturally Speaking has many benefits, there is a learning curve when you first begin using the software. If you're new to using Dragon Naturally Speaking, the following tips can help you improve accuracy when utilizing the software: Dictate Properly One of the most important things you can do to improve accuracy with your voice recognition software is optimize the way that you dictate.

24 May 2017

Own A Non-Profit? Two Tips To Help Simplify The Donation Process


As the owner of a non-profit, you understand how vital it is for you to receive donations from your supporters.  Their help allows you to stay afloat so that you can continue to get the word out about the issues that mean the most to you.  However, although you may have received most of your donations via mail in the past, the Internet is definitely the preferred way for people to send in monies.

26 April 2017

How Are Passwords Compromised?


The world isn't full of world-class spies ready to take secrets from average citizen, and unless you're the leader of a company or protecting government secrets, you're pretty average as far as hackers are concerned. Most password compromises and information theft situations come from traps set for massive numbers of people to exploit the most common weaknesses, and you can protect yourself by not making basic mistakes. Here's some info about password security to make sure your information isn't compromised by basic security flaws.

15 March 2017

Do You Need A Laptop Upgrade Or Just A Cleanup?


If your laptop is moving slowly or clearly stricken with any number of computer viruses, it's best to leave it to a professional. Some performance issues are less obvious, and no matter how often you take your laptop in for repairs, the slow performance and inability to get anything done can keep badgering you. Here are a few ways to figure out if you need another virus removal and/or cleanup, or if it's time to upgrade or replace your system.

8 March 2017