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4 Main Managed IT Services Available To Small Business


Businesses who are unable to afford the cost of hiring an IT staff member and installing IT infrastructure will find it more beneficial to utilize managed IT services. When you hire a managed service provider, they will make sure your system is operating at peak performance and usually provide preventative maintenance on a regular basis.

The following list consists of some popular managed IT services available for small businesses.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a subscription-based service in which a business rents virtual space on the internet in order to host its website and applications. There are many benefits when using cloud hosting, including faster server speeds and increased storage capacity. Cloud hosting is also much more cost-effective when compared to traditional hosting.

Backup Services

When your computer system fails, it can be extremely costly to recover all of your data alone. In fact, recovering from a complete failure could take several days depending upon how much data you have stored on your system. With backup services, however, businesses can avoid going through this process altogether by allowing the managed service provider to keep a copy of their data off-site at all times. This way, if anything ever goes wrong, they will be able to restore all of their files and get their system back up and running in no time.

Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is crucial for any business that depends on its technology to operate efficiently. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that network monitoring services are extremely popular among small businesses. These types of services include 24/7/365 support from professionals who can identify potential problems before they become severe enough to cause downtime or data loss. This way, any serious issues can be resolved immediately so you never have to worry about losing money because of a minor inconvenience such as a computer glitch.

Security Management

Small businesses often lack the resources to install and run their own security software for tasks such as virus removal and firewall installation. Fortunately, managed service providers offer this type of security management service to small businesses at an affordable price. With these types of services, all your network needs will be covered while leaving your workforce free to focus on other priorities like increasing sales and developing new products.

By taking advantage of these four managed IT services, small businesses can ensure that their computer systems are being properly maintained at all times. This will allow them to focus on other areas of the business without worrying about whether or not the technology is up to par.


10 January 2022