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4 Key Elements Of App Internationalization Training


When you limit your app development to a single country, you lose out on a lot of global potential. There are millions and millions of device users around the world that could download your app, increase revenue, and help your business thrive. Before launching in other markets, consider app internationalization training.

The training process focuses on key elements that will help your app thrive in an international market.

1. Multiple Language Translations

One of the key ways to break into international markets is learning how to translate your app to other languages. Going beyond just the English language allows you to break barriers and give access to countries that do not speak English. Thankfully, you do not need to learn the language yourself.

App internationalization training will teach you how to implement automatic translators into the app software. The software will detect the country of the app user and provide the translated version for the country's main language. Users will also have a chance to choose their own language if they want.

2. Market Locations

Through training courses, you will receive a complete breakdown of potential markets. You will gain access to app details, including downloads, revenue, and specific categories that users from specific countries will typically use. For example, if you have an app based on motorcycles, then you will not want a country that doesn't have a huge amount of motorcycles.

The market locations will help you target specific areas and app stores. Start small and then cast a wider net as you learn more about internationalization.

3. Unit Conversions

Unit conversions are essential in-app, especially for any products you sell and offer. Instead of the standard measuring system, your app can automatically convert units to other forms including the metric system. The unit conversion is also ideal for any type of exercise app. If you track distances, many countries will rely on kilometers rather than miles.

4. App Emulators

Phone layouts, app stores, and basic functions could be different on devices located all over the world. Through your training, you will get to run your app design through emulators. The emulators will give you a hands-on experience of the app so you can explore the features and see any design flaws that occur through the change.

At some point, you can run dual app emulators to see your current app and the international version at the same time. The process will help your app thrive through all the international markets and ensures you release a stable and functioning app.

Not only does a training course help you with your current app, but it will help with any apps in the future as well.


26 July 2021