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6 Things You Should Train Office Staff To Do To Keep Computers Well-Maintained


Computer equipment is one of the most valuable assets at many commercial office facilities. That's why keeping computer equipment well-maintained is so important.

If you want to keep your computers well-maintained, you need to get your staff on board. The following are six things you should train office staff to do to keep computers well-maintained. 

Periodically clean the computer exterior

Dust can be a damaging culprit when it comes to computers. That's why it's important for employees to avoid letting dust and residue build up on their computer screen and computer components. Office staff should keep the computer exterior free from dust as part of basic computer maintenance. 

Avoid putting clutter over computer vents

One issue that causes the most damage and aging to computer components is overheating. Computers are designed with vents to promote cooling. If clutter is placed over computer vents, air won't circulate freely, and electrical components of the computer will be more likely to overheat.

Make sure that your staff members understand the importance of keeping computer vents free from obstructions. 

Perform any available updates on the operating system or software

Operating system and software updates are important for several reasons. First of all, they help make sure that security and antivirus functions are current. This can prevent data breaches as well as computer damage due to viruses. 

Operating system and software updates can also allow staff members to be more productive on the job. These updates can also keep a computer operating more efficiently so it consumes less energy and is less likely to overheat. 

Keep cords and other accessories organized

It's easy for cords to become frayed and cracked if they get stepped on or if furniture pieces are placed on top of them. Keeping cords and other computer accessories organized ensures that these components will stay in the best possible shape over time. 

Get rid of unneeded files and programs

Keeping the files and programs on a computer's hard drive organized is as important as keeping the area around the computer organized. Train employees to get rid of files and programs on their computers that are no longer needed. This helps to preserve computer memory over time. 

Avoid eating and drinking close to computers

Crumbs can get down into a computer keyboard and detract from its condition over time. Also, spills of beverages onto a keyboard or other computer component can cause malfunctions as well as wear and tear. That's why it's important to train employees to keep food and beverages away from computer equipment. 

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19 May 2021