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Do you know what your computer can and cannot do? Did you know that a lot of the computers sold today aren't capable of playing a lot of the most popular games as they should be played? There are several key elements that you must look for in a new computer if you plan to use it for gaming purposes. My blog will provide you with a list of things that you would do best to look for when considering a gaming computer purchase. You will also learn about the upgrades that you can do after the purchase to build a computer of your dreams.

Necessary IT Department Roles


Are you starting a new business that needs computer support? Do you need to modernize your business but have no idea what to hire outside of a "computer expert" or "programmer?" There are a lot of specializations, but even specialists may be skilled enough at different parts of Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) to be an expert for your business.

Instead of aiming too high and bringing an engineer in to fix a computer or aiming too low by giving a help desk novice control of an entire network, here are a few roles to consider for businesses that are new to the tech industry.

Break/Fix, Help Desk, And Other Standard Maintenance Concepts

The most basic type of IT department role involves fixing computers, copiers, printers, and other devices in the business. This can begin as an entry-level role, with more experienced levels of support allowing other departments to bloom into a fully-fledged technology department.

If your business simply has a few computers for people to type documents and look up information on the internet, the IT department's job is simple: remove viruses, install/uninstall software, replace hardware, and get everything connected to the internet.

All of these small tasks are the start of other departments. Software management can turn into programming if the company wants customized programs for specific tasks. Connecting to the internet can turn into networking if the business needs to do more than connect a few computers to a router. Virus removal becomes cyber security and compliance to figure out why virus are an issue in the first place.

Help desk professionals should not be expected to be experts in those advanced roles. If they happen to have a full career in another role while being skilled in general computer support, great. Make sure to ask about their specializations to stay on the same page about expectations and expansion ideas.

Networking Professionals

Many small businesses can connect to the internet by just plugging everything into a router. A switch is the next step up and is essentially a splitter that creates many more ports for computers to connect to the internet.

Networking professionals are needed to make sure that the traffic moves efficiently. That statement implies that traffic can move not efficiently, and to truly appreciate a networking professional's job, you need to know how terrible things can get.

Network traffic can be almost literally compared to vehicle traffic. There are lines that information crosses, packets are groups of information that are like people in cars, and collisions happen. If two or more computers go out to the same specific area at the exact same time, both pieces of information can "collide" and cause neither to be delivered.

The difference between network traffic and real life traffic is that these collisions are measured by the millisecond. Although life can "change" in a millisecond, these small data packets are weaving far faster and more intricately than a human driving a car could.

The data is also deceptively logical. People sometimes think that computers work in some kind of perfect, weaving, logical pattern, and while there is a lot of truth to that through expert programming, computers are still made by humans and have flaws. 

To discuss your help desk department and different computer needs, contact an IT services professional. 


3 November 2017