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Do you know what your computer can and cannot do? Did you know that a lot of the computers sold today aren't capable of playing a lot of the most popular games as they should be played? There are several key elements that you must look for in a new computer if you plan to use it for gaming purposes. My blog will provide you with a list of things that you would do best to look for when considering a gaming computer purchase. You will also learn about the upgrades that you can do after the purchase to build a computer of your dreams.

Slow App Performance? It Might Not Be Your Computer


Apple's Mac line of desktop and laptop computers are known for taking a lot of the technical expertise requirements out of computers, but they're hardly perfect. There are some issues that can't be ironed out by quality control (QC) alone, and if you're into exploring the vast world of apps, you need to know that you're entering a largely indie (independent creator) world. To understand the problems that come from exploring all that the iTunes app store and other third-party programs available for Mac systems, as well as ways to conquer the issues, here's a few app management and troubleshooting points.

App Developers Are Customers And Providers

Something significant changed in the world of software sales when the Apple iTunes store became a place for apps as well as music. The new system began to shine a light on how programming is an art and a science, and that app design is something that everyone can get into. This is true for both the Mac and iPhone levels of computing, as all of the terms and most of the apps are on both platforms.

For this reason, many apps walk the precarious line of being a creative outlet to be shared with the world--sometimes for a profit--and being a reliable product worthy of being on Apple's systems. App developers are customers, but this can backfire with some of Apple's users because they may believe that all apps are the full responsibility of Apple. That's simply not the case.

When you download an app from the appstore, you're actually a customer of the developer with Apple as just a sales medium; the way of spending your time or money to get the app. This means that any problems that arise within the app as far as making things work are between you and the app developer. Apple can help you get your money back, but if you want that specific service to work, Apple can't make their developer customers do anything. They're not employees.

Solving Problems With Apps

A lot of slow performance issues are caused by running too many apps at once, or not having a powerful enough system. Unfortunately, some apps may be written with good intention, but not enough tools to fight errors.

One problem that plagues all major computer systems from Apple OSX to Windows is the memory leak. When you launch an app, it has to request processor and memory resources from the computer. This memory is allocated (or reserved and committed) to the app, and the app is allowed to ask for more resources.

Sometimes, apps are bad at exploring the memory they already have. Instead of having code to say, "look for memory you've already used and pull for that", the app will just demand more fresh memory. Apps can sit on gigabytes of claimed, but unused memory because they don't know how to use what they have properly, or some rare exception (often called a bug) stops the app from being efficient.

In other cases, the request for more resources can be in a greedy, accidental loop of demanding more memory. The requests climb until there's nothing left, leading to a crash that releases everything. Your only choice is to close the app and contact the developer, or uninstall the app.

Some apps are designed for the newest Macs available, but your current system could be upgraded with parts instead of buying a new system. Contact a Mac support professional to find upgrade options or replacement advice, as well as help with contacting developers.

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15 June 2017