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How Are Passwords Compromised?


The world isn't full of world-class spies ready to take secrets from average citizen, and unless you're the leader of a company or protecting government secrets, you're pretty average as far as hackers are concerned. Most password compromises and information theft situations come from traps set for massive numbers of people to exploit the most common weaknesses, and you can protect yourself by not making basic mistakes. Here's some info about password security to make sure your information isn't compromised by basic security flaws.

Poor Passwords Are Usually Blocked, But Don't Chance It

Password security has become the business of most websites on the internet, because a weak user account is a security vulnerability for the whole.

If you've ever seen password requirements asking for a certain number of lower case, upper case, and special characters (symbols such as [email protected]#$$%) , this is because such passwords are harder to crack than basic words. Basic words, known as dictionary words, are easily forced through using basic brute force password cracking software. 

Most websites block the number of password attempts because of these brute force attacks, but there are many ways to circumvent the issue. Some hackers specifically target inactive accounts by looking up comment activity or even getting information from a company/website insider who can get a list of inactive accounts. It's no trouble to hammer through passwords while pausing during the lock when no one is checking the account.

You may run into websites with fewer requirements. Don't take the bait; just because it's more convenient for you doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Stick to the password requirements of your more strict websites, and consider using a password manager to maintain your passwords on multiple sites.

Password Managers For Memory And Effort Issues

Few people disagree that knowing multiple passwords for multiple services is a pain. It's necessary because if an entire website is compromised--something that happens far too often and is more than documented in this list--that password can be tried at every other website with the user name or email similarity. 

Hackers don't need to know where you visit. They don't have to care about confirmation, and they don't have to be sure. A hacker can just try a large list of sites and accounts at a large list of sites, and if they find something that works, then they may try to specifically compromise that weak account's information.

To battle this problem, password managers can take some of the effort out of password memorization. These managers create randomized passwords that can't be easily guessed. For managers that use a master password, getting hacked or compromised by someone close to you won't reveal all passwords because the passwords are encrypted. Simply call their support and verify yourself to lock everything down.

Contact a password manager expert to discuss password security and your internet usage. To get started, go to sites where you can sign up for password managers.


15 March 2017