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Virtual Disaster Recovery Software: 3 Settings That Allow for Further Customization


Gone are the days when businesses mostly relied solely on paperwork to store and record important information and files. Nowadays, as many as 63% of small businesses have gone digital. Computers and technology have simply made everything a lot more efficient and simple. There's basically a software for every application you can think of. If your business has a strong reliance on computers and digital data, you must do everything in your power to protect your data. Virtual disaster recovery software will make numerous backups and will allow you to recover the files you need even in times of crisis. There are many different types of software programs out there. Look for these three settings in each software you try out.

Types of Devices to Be Backed Up

You might not necessarily need all of the files in every device to be backed up. Some devices may contain redundant files. Backing up these files will only take up unnecessary space. With that said, you could easily save a lot of space and ensure that only important files are protected by looking for virtual disaster recovery software that will allow you to pick and choose which devices in your network are backed up. You don't want to be forced to back up everything every time. Being able to choose which devices to back up is also much more efficient. This is particularly true for businesses with large networks.

Important files may be backed up to several online data-storage sites, whereas some of the less important files may only be backed up once or twice.

Time Frame When the Data Will Be Backed Up

When the files are being backed up, they may not be accessible to your employees. As a result, you want to find a virtual disaster recovery software that will allow you to customize when the data is backed up. This way, you can avoid as much downtime as possible in order to keep overall workplace productivity at an all-time high. Generally speaking, you should set the recovery software to back up data at the end of each work day when everyone has gone home.

If your company handles particularly sensitive and important files, you might want to set the virtual disaster recovery software to back up files after they have been accessed for some time. This way, your employees won't lose a lot of work even if the network shuts off unexpectedly.

The Devices Authorized to Recover Certain Data

Once disaster strikes and your employees need to recover data and files, it might be necessary to limit the type of files that each employee can access or recover based on the amount of clearance they have in the company. Some virtual disaster recovery software will allow you to authorize each device to recover only a certain amount of data or files. This prevents employees without the proper clearance from accessing files that are above their pay-grade.

To achieve this, you'll need to spend some time organizing employee access to the virtual disaster recovery software. The software will provide access to files and data based on either the device that is used to recover the data or the employee sign-in that is used to access the system.


If your business has mostly gone digital, backing everything up via a virtual disaster recovery software is a crucial step in protecting your business. You want to make sure that all confidential and sensitive files can be recovered even if a terrible disaster strikes. This reduces your company's downtime and ensures that you will be up and running as soon as possible. 


13 October 2016