6 Features To Look For With Clock-In Software


Clock-In software allows you to use software to track when employees clock and out for work. With the right software, you can also keep track of employee breaks and lunches and even track things such as days off and time-off requests. Feature #1: Clock-In & Out The most essential feature will allow employees to clock in and out using the app. They will be able to log their start times and end times each day, allowing you to keep track of when and how many employees are working.

5 October 2021

4 Key Elements Of App Internationalization Training


When you limit your app development to a single country, you lose out on a lot of global potential. There are millions and millions of device users around the world that could download your app, increase revenue, and help your business thrive. Before launching in other markets, consider app internationalization training. The training process focuses on key elements that will help your app thrive in an international market. 1. Multiple Language Translations

26 July 2021

6 Things You Should Train Office Staff To Do To Keep Computers Well-Maintained


Computer equipment is one of the most valuable assets at many commercial office facilities.That's why keeping computer equipment well-maintained is so important. If you want to keep your computers well-maintained, you need to get your staff on board.The following are six things you should train office staff to do to keep computers well-maintained.  Periodically clean the computer exterior Dust can be a damaging culprit when it comes to computers.That's why it's important for employees to avoid letting dust and residue build up on their computer screen and computer components.

19 May 2021

Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services


Your online network is extremely important for your business. However, managing it can take a lot of time and resources. One of the best ways to ensure that your computer network is always up and running is to outsource your IT department. This frees you to focus on other critical areas of your business. Here are the benefits of hiring someone to manage your IT services for you.  Backup Your Data

19 March 2021