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What Are Your Data Recovery Odds?


The moment that you realize you may require data recovery services can leave you with a knot in your stomach. You will likely start to wonder if data recovery is even possible and what your options might be. Here is how to assess the likelihood that recovery is an option and to understand what comes next.

Storage Drive Type 

A drive's storage model dictates how easy or difficult the job is probably going to be. Solid-state drives, for example, often enter a shutdown state when they detective drive health problems. This state prevents further writing, but it usually leaves read options available. Consequently, drives this SSDs, nVMEs, memory cards, and USB sticks tend to have good odds of recovery. A technician will have to move the data to another drive, but the chances are solid that most or all of the data will be there.

Mechanical drives can be trickier. Hard disk drives during their failure processes often experience corruptions that make data recovery more difficult. Ideally, you can identify the failure early and ask for recovery help as soon as possible.


Physical damage is never a good thing, even if it involves a drive type that generally lends itself to data recovery processes. Heat and water can melt storage elements or corrode circuits. Data recovery services providers need to control the situation immediately. Otherwise, the damage spread. This is especially true if a drive was in a flood or fire.

Conversely, data corruption from normal use is less likely to lead to losses. Notably, you should start the recovery process the minute you suspect there's a risk of losing your data.

Drive Arrays

The right type of drive array will also improve the odds. More aggressive RAID configurations, for example, will ensure that no single bit of data can be lost because one drive has failed. This doesn't guarantee data recovery in extreme situations like natural disasters, but it helps.

Available Backups

Data backups, especially remote and cloud-based ones, are always good for recovery efforts. Optimally, the backup system made copies immediately upon all changes. Even better, a system can keep versions of the files. This will radically improve your chances of recovering something lost to human error or deliberate action.

Recovering the Data

Ultimately, a technician must have access to a reasonable data source. Most drives aren't completely dead at the start of the recovery process. Technicians can use software to scan damaged drives at the bit-by-bit level to attempt to recover the data. They can then supply you with a copy of the recovered data on a new drive.

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28 February 2023